Outlook Rectangular Car Window Shades (Twin Pack)


Protect your baby from strong light and heat in the car with award winning car window shade from Outlook. Their innovative stretch mesh design slides over the window to block out 90% of UV and glare.
It has been designed to fit most vehicles and is quick and easy to install. Simply slip it over the over the top of the door frame, hook under the car door and adjust for a snug (but not too tight) fit.

Please check the structure of your door frame before ordering.

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Fits a rectangular shaped door A car window shade to cover your rear passenger windows. Screens 90% of UV, including UVA which can penetrate untreated glass Window can be opened for ventilation with shade fitted whilst keep insects out. Quick and easy to attach/remove, fits most cars See through mesh lets children see the world, cools and reduces glare for comfy napping. They can even be used with the window open for fresh air. UPF10 rated fabric Endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia.

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